Commercial Use

Anthracite, America’s Clean Energy

Better than coal… it’s Anthracite: providing fuel for numerous Industries, Anthracite is working to strengthen and drive the American Economy Forward. Susquehanna Anthracite is a national and multi-national Anthracite provider, ready to consistently fulfill your energy needs with the lowest emission highest efficiency material on earth.

Susquehanna Anthracite supplies fuel for these and numerous other industrial purposes:

  1. Filtration and treatment of contaminated water
  2. Filtration of drinking water
  3. U.S. Steel Production
  4. Sugar Beet Refining
  5. Charcoal Production for heating and filtration purposes.
  6. Corporate and Industrial heating
  7. Hospital and other Institutional heating
  8. Glass manufacturing
  9. Electrical Power Generation

Contact us regarding our multiple transportation methods available for your anthracite shipment. Susquehanna Anthracite provides some of the highest BTU value material in the industry, we have a cost efficient product and an effective way of getting the product directly to you, just ask!


Full Integration!

Susquehanna Anthracite not only mines and prepares the coal to burn in your facility; we are also a co-generational power plant capable of burning our coal waste product.

Susquehanna Anthracite cares about the environment! Not only do we provide safe, efficient and low emission anthracite coal for industrial purposes, we are a large integrated operation capable of utilizing every bit of our product. After we extract the highest quality Anthracite Coal to power YOUR industry, we are able to take the anthracite waste product (or culm) and turn it in to electricity to power American homes! Visit our Mount Carmel Cogen site for more information about our facility, which has the ability to burn the lowest BTU product in Pennsylvania. The anthracite waste burned in the Mount Carmel Co-generation Power Facility creates electric energy, powering homes, small businesses and large industry. Environmentally efficient energy and no waste, now that’s what we call green!

Delivery Methods:

Coal Sizes:

Sizing Chart
Inches Millimeters
Egg 3 2 7/16 76 62
Stove 2 7/16 1 5/8 62 41
Nut 1 5/8 1 3/16 41 21
Pea 1 3/16 9/16 21 14
Buck 9/16 5/16 14 8
Rice 5/16 3/16 8 5
Barley 3/16 3/32 5 2
NO4 3/32 3/64 2 1
NO5 3/64 100 mesh 1 100 mesh


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