Residential Use

Anthracite, America’s Clean Energy

Residential Coal Heating | Susquehanna Anthracite

Anthracite Coal: the clean, economical and safe residential fuel source

Through the use of in home burners and stokers you can use Anthracite to heat your home. Anthracite Stoves are a very affordable option for keeping you and your family warm. Statistics have found that homeowners utilizing Anthracite as a primary or supplemental heating source save hundreds of dollars on their monthly heating bills! Anthracite creates a long, clean burning fuel that will comfortably and evenly heat your home for up to 40 hours without needing any personal attention. Due to the clean, near smokeless and emission-less heat emitted from Anthracite, there is minimal clean up and no safety issues as are found with other burnt heating sources. In this time of unaffordable and unpredictable heating and energy bills, anthracite offers a cost-effective and efficient alternative to competing fuels. Many Institutions and homes currently use anthracite for everything from heat to hot water. These include Hospitals, hotels, Schools, greenhouses and private residences.


Uses for Residential Purposes


Delivery Methods




Coal Sizes:

Sizing Chart
Inches Millimeters
Egg 3 2 7/16 76 62
Stove 2 7/16 1 5/8 62 41
Nut 1 5/8 1 3/16 41 21
Pea 1 3/16 9/16 21 14
Buck 9/16 5/16 14 8
Rice 5/16 3/16 8 5
Barley 3/16 3/32 5 2
NO4 3/32 3/64 2 1
NO5 3/64 100 mesh 1 100 mesh


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